Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've discovered indie, edgy Canadian musicians!

Unfortunately the only reason I know these songs and these artists is because I heard the songs on episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation, and then either went to the page or looked up the lyrics on Google. Though I have given up Degrassi for the most part, I have watched a few episodes this season because amazingly most of the new characters for season eight are actually good (and KC and Claire's nerd crushing is adorable, but I'm sure the Degrassi writers will destroy it somehow). Whenever I watch a few season eight episodes though I just pretend that the characters that had terrible write offs - Alex, Ashley, Craig, Sean, Terri - are actually leading happy and productive lives. And this happy Degrassi alternate universe has better writing.

Anyway, on to my great musical discoveries. And video clips because they're indie artists and actually let you imbed videos.

First is "Beautiful House" by Leeroy Stagger. This played during at the beginning of Our Lips Are Sealed, Part Two, where annoying Emma Nelson is struggling with her two episode eating disorder and unable to open up to her mother Spike (the teenage mom from the first Degrassi series). This clip was filmed at some cafe somewhere, and I would wait for it to load and then start playing it about a minute in because there's a lot of banter.

Then after that glorious discovery. I then also fell in love with the song Carol.

Then on the most recent episode of Degrassi: TNG (in Canada - the US is a few episodes behind), that I watched on YouTube (I will not contribute to its US ratings!); Jane Says, Part 2, I heard Sleeping Sickness by City and Colour. This song played when Jane had to sleep on a park bench because her traumatic childhood memories were returning, and she didn't have anyone to turn to. And there's actually a music video.

Enjoy! I will revel in my one moment of music sophistication where I've discovered indie groups. 4-HMike would be so proud!

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