Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Billy Corgan is as deep as a kiddie pool

I think I need to text Sis RoyalTurkey about this.

I love it when I'm vindicated.

However to be fair to B. Corgs, I did like a few Smashing Pumpkins songs. However, I still attribute my appreciation of these songs to James Iha, D'Arcy, and the drummer the Smashing Pumpkins had at the time. Here's the angstiest song I like.

Yet, when I confessed to Sis RoyalTurkey that I liked this song, this is how the conversation went.

MRT: I actually like "Rat in the Cage."
SRT: (rolls eyes) Sigh...It's called "Bullet With Butterfly Wings."

There really is no hope for me.