Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm back.... and bawling...about lame things!

Alright, I've been gone for awhile - so here's the standard spiel - I've been busy (work, community theatre, and now roller derby!), I promise I will be better about updating (well....probably not, but I'll try, possibly), and I have so many ideas about things to post (well, I do, but I never seem to actually post them).

Anyway....I've always been a bit overly sensitive. This week has just been a bit nuts, though, even for me. Here's a list of the things I've cried about this week:

I read this article and 1) realized that I have cried during most of the moments mentioned in the comments (Tod and Copper in The Fox and The Hound, the death of Littlefoot's Mom in The Land Before Time, the Baby Mine scene in Dumbo), and 2) just reading about those moments made me sob.

I went through of fit of nostalgia this week, and discovered The Chipmunk Adventure on You Tube, which I loved when I was six. It has fifty kajillion plot holes and cheesy musical numbers. However this scene:

made me realize that all the poor Chipettes were orphans and didn't have their mother anymore, and it made me cry for them. Seriously??

Mike Isabella's stories about his grandmother made me get all choked up on Top Chef, and I greatly dislike Mike Isabella.

And the most embarrassing thing - when Ondrei broke down during the acting challenge this week on ANTM, I cried too!

Did I mention that I'm on a roller derby team, and I am supposed to be bad ass now? Well, hmm...