Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gauche and Unsophisticated List: I am a bad union daughter!

My parents are both proud union members, and my dad has ranted to me about right to work states for years (though he was a Republican for years and voted for Bush in 2000 - odd!), and my mom frequently emphasized that her union ensures excellent health care coverage for all its employees. So I try to be a good union daughter - not crossing picket lines (Dad has threatened to disown me if I ever did), avoiding shopping at Wal-Mart, and all that. The writers strike has made me very annoyed about the lack of decent T.V., and I do support the WGA's efforts and think they should not write another word until they get better residuals for both DVDs and new media. Therefore during the writers strike, I thought I should make a valiant effort to avoid watching the new reality show dreck and not buy TV on DVD.

However....these valiant efforts have not stopped me from getting sucked into the new American Gladiators. I have tried to justify this latest TV obsession by telling myself that this show was in development before the strike, so therefore it was likely to have made the schedule anyway, and I should not feel so ashamed. Entertainment Weekly, however, seems to want to do its damndest to make all the watchers feel guilty and stupid, which of course makes me annoyed because I hate it when quasi-hipster magazines and websites call me stupid.

However, tonight Eli Stone is premiering on ABC. The trailer looks intriguing, it has received good reviews, Berlanti is the show runner. So I should totally watch this right? Well, it is being recorded on the DVR. What am I watching instead? Make Me a Supermodel on Bravo.