Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lather, rinse, repeat

Tragically, I've had all these topics to write about lately, but no time to write them. I promise, though, once I eventually have time to blog, these entries will be funny and ranty with lots of parenthetical asides (do you expect any less?).

However, I've noticed that when I talk to people I frequently discuss things that I've already discussed in my blog. At Seussical rehearsal I whined to one of the Bird Girls about college hippies with no outdoor living skills. One time on a cast outing at Chili's I ranted to the waitress about my hatred for Rent, and then proceeded to discuss every single reason why I hated that musical so much. And I've discussed this hatred on my blog twice!

Are there really only a finite number of things I can whine about? Am I becoming one of those little old men who tells the same stories over and over again? I'm only 26! And I'm a woman! Oh dear... Thank goodness I haven't become a blogging superstar who has agents offering me publishing contracts and representation, then whenever I would talk to people, they would probably already tell me that they read it in my blog already.

I promise though, my future entries will be about new topics, that only a few people have heard about before. I hope. Otherwise maybe I should start looking into retirement communities.

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