Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gauche and Unsophisticated List: Classic Tween Shows (and by classic I mean from the year 2000) and Cheesy Music Videos

One day I was musing to myself about my TV addiction and generally bad taste (when I really should be thinking about solutions to world problems), and I discovered that could not remember which cheesy shows I was addicted to in high school. I know I must have watched some, but I can't really remember what the shows were.

Then again, during high school, I was busy being a crazy overacheiver and demonstrating that I was "well rounded", so I could get into an excellent out-of-state college and get out of Ferndale. Getting out of Ferndale was my main goal during my high school years. So in high school I took seven A.P. classes my senior year (they were just introduced that year, so I couldn't really space them out, and I had to show colleges that I was a serious smarty pants), wrote scathing editorials for the high school newspaper -The Eagle Eye, participated in team sports even though my atheletic skills are laughable, acted in three high school musicals (I sometimes even got lines and solos!), acted in community murder mystery dinner theater productions (I played Rosie the dance-hall girl and possible murderess and I wore a heinous aqua dress), showed goats in 4-H, and I was a member of Knowledge Bowl, Model UN (I got a speaker award for being a very mouthy representative from Honduras on the UNDP), FBLA (1st place at regionals for Business Law and Economics), Human Relations Council, and heck I even participated in two Math Team Competitions for the extra credit (my poor showing at those demonstrated that after Calculus I, I had no future in math). Anyway, in high school I was Tracey Flick, so I probably did not have that much time for fickle entertainment. Looking back, I wonder why more people did not find me to be a tedious, goody-goody, know-it-all. Well...I'm sure many did, but I was pretty caught up in my goal of getting out of Ferndale, so I did not notice.

Despite this, I know I did watch Caitlin's Way on Nickelodeon whenever I could catch it on a Sunday night. Now, in this show Caitlin, a girl with issues, moves to Montana to live with distant relatives and tries to leave behind her bad-girl past and learn to trust again, and of course to do this she must move to the country and get a horse of her own. Of course, I was already too old for the show when it first aired, but I could not help myself. I remembered that I enjoyed this show, so of course I was overjoyed when I discovered that The-N was reairing episodes at 5 am. Thanks to DVR, I got addicted all over again.

Oh I love this show so! I cannot help but get sucked in to Caitlin's and her second season love interest Will's drama - where he encourages her to skip summer school, but then tutors her in math and they dance in the town diner. Edgy! A definite sign that Caitlin is reverting to her old ways. But then she feels he is "pulling her into his darkness" after they make a crop circle in Eric's (Caitlin's nemesis with whom she also feels chemistry!) dad's cornfield. Oh those crazy kids! Also many of residents of Fall River, Montana have Canadian accents. This must be a special part of Montana that I've never visited. Then there's the characters that randomly appear and disappear without explanation, Caitlin frequently running away, Griffin's (Caitlin's cousin) inane subplots, and Caitlin's really lame insults (she called snobby Taylor, Pinkahontas, yes Caitlin, I'm sure Taylor was so wounded by that one). But, still I'm genuinely touched when Caitlin begins to bond with and love her new family who does genuinely care about her, giddy when Caitlin and Will finally get beyond the crop circle of darkness and are get together in the finale, and feel the love-hate chemistry between Caitlin and Eric. Sadly the Caitlin-Eric-Will triangle is one of the few love triangles on TV where I have been genuinely conflicted about what the resolution should be, and it wasn't even that well developed. Though Caitlin's Way uses every single troubled teen moves to the country cliche; I am giddy when my DVR records a new episode.

Since I have been watching so much late night TV on The-N, I've also been catching the music videos that the channel airs during commercial breaks. Sadly, this means I've discovered Miranda Cosgrove's About You Now, and I actually like it, and when it pops up at the end of a Caitlin's Way episode, I'm actually happy to see it. Some of the lyrics of this masterpiece are "I was wrong, I was dumb, I let you down." Deep! Also, I really like Miranda's outfit during the mall frolicking and reminscing scenes. That pink and black checker print dress is adorable. I would not wear the knee socks, though, those are way too youthful. If I could find the dress though - I think I would consider buying it and wearing it. It turns out that Miranda is also the star of the latest Nickelodeon tween show sensation ICarly, but I at least have some standards and only watch older, more classic, tween shows.

Now, I must go and rewatch the episode where Caitlin faces her fears and goes to the eighth grade dance and makes new friends (who disappear in the next episode).

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