Friday, July 4, 2008

The Gauche and Unsophisticated List: Studying for the Bar Made Me Do Bad, Bad Things.

The reason this entry is dated July 4, is because I began typing a post about my new lows on that date. But then studying for the bar took up all of my time and I never finished the entry. So now here's an ultra long entry which contains those thoughts from so long ago as well as my bar agony.

So, I disappeared for awhile. Because the Massachusetts Bar Exam sucks...a lot. Now I know that all of the people that took bar exams that are actually considered difficult like NY and California feel no sympathy, but at least in those states you can use a laptop for the essays. I had to numb my horrific handcramps after the essay day (don't worry it was after MBE day - I was done) with Long Islands, White Zin, and drunken consumption of sushi. It was glorious. And hopefully I passed the bar, my fingers are crossed that the rumor that Massachusetts is actually Passachusetts is true, because I don't want to go through that agony ever, ever again.

Now I will be back in Washington for awhile, starting on August 5. I don't have a job yet, so I figured now would be a good time to visit, and I can do phone interviews just as easily at home with free groceries and laundry, instead of in my apartment in Boston where I actually have to pay for those things. During this trip I will be dragging poor Joooan! and RToo to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (at least RToo claims she wants to see that movie). So if I have any loyal readers left, and I know you, and you're going to be in Washington (state not DC!) too, we should get together!

However because studying for the bar was miserable that means my poor brain could not handle any other intellectual materials. I had to memorize the rules of priority for secured transactions, my brain had less space for deep symbolic messages and capability of interpreting great art than usual, and that means that the music I listened to and the TV I watched was worse than usual. Since you've been reading the blog this long, however, I doubt anything should surprise you anymore.

I could not resist the bad 1990s music:
Now I posted earlier about the tragic car break-in of summer 2004 where the inept robber cut my turn signals and stole all my CDs including "Let Go" by Avril Lavigne, and of course I was inordinately sad about this, as well as ashamed. However, in my earlier blogging days I thought I should maintain a sense of decorum and only confess my more palatable guilty pleasures, I did not mention that I was also upset that the inept thief also stole my "Runaway Horses" CD by Belinda Carlisle. Yes, the Belinda Carlisle, former lead singer of the Go-Gos. Yet, this was not ever-so-slightly punk Belinda Carlisle who had a spiky haircut, and was involved in 1980s scandal like doing coke and having unprotected sex, so at least back then she had some bad girl cachet (though remember drugs and unprotected sex are bad!). This was 1990s Belinda Carlisle, who sang cheesy power ballad esque lovesongs, and had a mom bob. By the time she released "Runaway Horses" she was happily married and wearing floaty dresses like the kind my mom was purchasing at the time. I was not listening to Top-40 Belinda, but Adult Contemporary Belinda.

I was too ashamed to purchase the CD again because I was afraid of the mockery I would face at Cellophane Square - used music store and hipster central of Whatcom County. My Aunt Squeezer originally gave me Runaway Horses along with many of her other CDs when she started listening to Christian contemporary music exclusively. When I was studying for the bar exam though, I missed those songs, especially the tragic song "Summer Rain." So I went on to You Tube, and watched the music videos. So cheesy, so nineties, so oddly comforting. And now you too can see the floaty dresses and mom bob in action.

Now in case that did not appall you enough, I also listened to Place in the World by Michael W. Smith numerous times. Michael W. Smith was one of the Christian contemporary singers of the 1990s, and Place in this World was his crossover hit. My Aunt Squeezer loves him! However, Michael W. Smith is not hip. My intervarsity friends in college most certainly did not listen to Michael W. Smith. They listened to the hipper, slightly less preachy groups like Caedmon's Call and Jars of Clay. This song is on Time Life compilations where in the commercials the audience has their hands in the air and are swaying back and forth with their eyes closed! But somehow, I could not resist the siren's call.

Well, I guess you should all be slightly reassured that I did not actually by this music, but only watched on You Tube.

TV shows which may be the newest low in entertainment? I'll watch!
I also discussed earlier that I cannot resist TV shows that have competitions and obstacle courses. So of course I've watched Wipeout since the premiere. Do I care that not one person can complete the course without falling into the water or mud? Nope! Do I giggle insanely when the contestants fall off the Sucker Punch Wall and the Big Balls and when the Johns make mocking comments. Yes! Would I also try the courses if my run through them was not aired on national television. Yes! Sigh...

This is not the worst of it. Oh no, I also began watching I Love Money on VH-1. Now, I don't really watch dating reality shows. I pity all involved, and just think they are sleazy. However, now that the famewhores from I Love New York, Flava of Love, and Rock of Love aren't humiliating themselves for the love of has beens or fellow famewhores, but rather in humiliating competitions for money, of course I'll watch. (Aww hypocrisy...ain't it fun!) But even I drew the line during last week's episode when Whiteboy and Chance were mercilessly bullying Mr. Boston, so I quit watching that episode. However I will watch tonight's episode. Also I sincerely want chronic martyr and wacky laugher Rodeo to win so she can launch her BBQ sauce business and take her son to Disney World. Good lord, what is my problem?

Despite the fact that now you all know that my taste has reached new lows, I expect that you still will want to see me when I'm home.

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RJC said...

I didn't even know you had a blog! I found it on your facebook page. I loved reading everything on here and am looking forward to more updates. Also looking forward to seeing your this weekend!