Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bad Liberal List Part 2: Where I'm Also Hypocritical

I hate super liberal diatribes, even when I agree with them. (I also hate super conservative diatribes, and they make me quite annoyed and angry, but that does not make me a bad liberal.) It drives me absolutely insane when people start ranting about political issues and preaching about how the United States is EVIL, GENOCIDAL, and the ROOT OF ALL BAD THINGS. Now I am not an "America, Fuck Yeah!" type person, and heck I usually agree with the soapboxer's main points. However, when someone starts going on and on about all the awful things in the world (not in a classroom setting, but when somebody decides to pontificate about world issues in ordinary social settings in a lectury tone), I automatically feel contrary even when I agree. I realize this is a bit hypocritical considering that I rant and have ranted about various topics. When I was thirteen, I was exceedingly insufferable. Seriously, how did I have friends? Yet during those times everyone at least tried to act amused or interested in what I was blathering about. So I try to be patient when people launch into the latest liberal diatribe of the day and try not to shout out "I know that already, bucko, thanks," or "You're really preaching to the choir here buddy," or "Stop pontificating like a thirteen year old who thinks they know everything." Because logically I know that they are right and that they have good points, but for goodness sakes the diatribes grate. Yes, I realize that I just went on a diatribe about how much I hate diatribes, deal.

On the same token I never finished A People's History of the United States. Granted I was trying to read it when I was working at summer camp many, many moons ago, and a book about all the United States's oppressions is not condusive to staying perky while exhausted and encouraging 10 year old girls to work together. But even after that summer was over I never went back to finish it. That book was incredibly draining.

I realize I need to work on these issues, since I plan on working in public interest law, where there are many wonderful people who do great work, who also rant incessantly. I would really like to get through my career and try to save the world without giving myself a headache from rolling my eyes constantly or raising my eyebrows to the top of my forehead (and I have quite the large forehead). I hope this is possible.

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